Writers, are you beyond frustrated with the seemingly endless search to find a website designer and branding specialist that completely gets you? Writers are a special breed, after all. Equal parts daydreamer and burn-the-midnight-oil go-getter, writers want branding that grabs attention as effortlessly as their headlines.


Hi, I’m Katie Hart, and I design beautiful branding and websites for copywriters. Thanks to my own strong background in writing (from blog posts, unpublished novels, book reviews, and a contributing editor role), I know how vitally important words are, and how equally important a functional, attractive website is for your writing business. Whether you write in a clear and straightforward style, use flowing and exquisite prose, or become the informal, irreverent best friend to your audience, your brand and website should reflect exactly that.


I take great care to really get to know and understand my clients, helping ensure their website and branding goals align with both their vision and unique personality. For the past fifteen years, I’ve studied personality traits and typology, including the infamous Myers-Briggs, and incorporate my experience and knowledge in personalities to help develop a truly custom branding and website strategy. Rest assured that a website from me will be truly, totally, 100% YOU!


I even conduct some comprehensive personality research on your target audience, and the type of website, design, fonts, and colors that would appeal to them, helping ignite an instant connection to your brand…and ultimately, you! This increases the likelihood that the casual site visitor on your page will feel highly inspired and eager to become your newest client, instead of that other copywriter down the street (or down the Google results page). #win!


And while I’m not getting blissfully lost in client projects, mood boards, and color palettes, you’ll be sure to find me taking a deep dive into the archives of my new favorite blogs, hunting down fun transcripts of podcasts and TV episodes, or indulging in one of the hundreds of tomes that line my bedroom walls. #wordnerdforlife My love of reading growing up to even led me down this design path – I always dreamed of becoming the artist that got to design all the incredible book cover art on my favorite novels! But now that I do so much of my reading online, my heart feels complete by helping other writers create the website that makes them weak in the knees, and branding that gives them butterflies.